A wide variety of accessories are available to compliment the range of containers. Special containers can be made on request.

A range of re-usable containers, wheel bins and stand-alone bag holders are just a few of the additional products available.

Box sets comprise a base, lid and red bag to line the box. Both sizes allow for a maximum of 15 kilograms of waste in compliance with legislation. All non-sharp waste e.g dressing, bandages, swabs, gloves, glucose strips, plasters and other non-sharp items are suitable for disposal into the boxes.

Round or rectangular sharps containers are available in a large variety of sizes from 50ml up to 20 Litres. The choice of size and shape of sharp container used is based on volumes, space and size of needles used by the Healthcare Professional. Wall brackets are available to ensure they are not easily accessible for children and to prevent possible spillage if placed on the floor. All sharp containers are SABS approved, contain no heavy metals and are made from virgin material and are puncture proof.

A maximum fill line is clearly indicated on each container to stop the overfilling of containers and the possible risk of needle stick injury. All sharp container lids are designed with a security feature enabling it to be sealed when full and to make it tamperproof. Lids must be secured prior to collection for transportation.

Spill packs are available in a variety of sizes. A complete inventory is available with each pack. Spill packs can be packed specifically to suit your requirements are required as per the Occupational Health & Safety Act 1995 and the Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations 2001.

Expired or unused medication can be packed into a special secure container. This waste stream has to be colour coded green in terms of SANS 10248. Two sizes are available, 10 litre or 20 litre options. Once the lid is secured it cannot be re-opened to ensure no unauthorized removal of pharmaceuticals.